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Connection & Travel

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When you team up to the Roadrunners, we ensure that you can communicate with and are connected to your coaches, your team, your Roadrunner board, and the other families in the program.  We understand that you do not want to be left in the dark, and we use the tools below to promote a great experience.  We also travel as a family would, together.  We will find hotel accommodations for the whole team to take advantage of, and we prepare team meals for every trip.  We want to connect as a community, the same way the church is called to.

Travel Expectations

We want your whole family to participate in traveling.  We will provide you with hotel and gym locations, as well as the expected time of arrival.  Please check the volleyball and basketball pages for information on how often your team would travel.  Carpool opportunities are available!

Social Media

The Omaha Roadrunners are active on social media, please see our links below this page to get connected! 

Team Meals

The Roadrunner families create healthy and comprehensive meals together every trip.  We create a sign-up sheet for the participating families, and all you need to do is sign-up for a few items and enjoy the time of fellowship!

Slack Communication

We use Slack for all of our communication.  Slack is available on phones and computers, and is very easy to use.  We will set up your profile and will help you get started.  Key team members' phones will be available for emergency situations.

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