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"Running the Narrow Road"

Who We Are

Established in 2004, the Omaha Roadrunners provides home-schooled boys and girls in the metro area with a Christ-centered competitive sports program. We offer leadership and coaching from a biblical perspective with the intention of supporting the home and encouraging physical, social, and spiritual growth.


The Roadrunners strive to connect with the entire family, not just the athletes in the program.  We are focused on competing at the highest level possible regardless of the opponent, not just "winning the game".  We are focused on developing players through a connected philosophy from age 8-18, not just participating in seasons without improvement. 

Roadrunner Program Video

Roadrunner Program Video

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Equipping athletes to honor Christ in life and sports


Reflective - We look to reflect Christ in our actions

Resourceful - We use the tools and gifts given to us to the best of our ability

Respectful - We are respectful of those around us

Responsible - We take personal ownership of our actions and efforts

Refined - We seek to allow God to use hardships to strengthen our character and reliance on him

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